Brrrrrrrr. It’s that time of year when all we’d like to do is hibernate like furry little beasties. Don’t stay in that cosy nest of a bed too long though – you’ve got to get through Xmas yet!  Sleeping a lot is actually what squirrels like to do round about now. They don’t actually hibernate, but hunker down in their hygge homesteads, hoarded away with nuts. Before they settle down to bed, you may indeed spot maniacal squirrels rummaging through flower pots as if they’re trying to find their favourite sweater from the bottomless pit of the laundry basket…

Contrary to what many would think, foxes also don’t hibernate. And why on earth would they when they can strut about, perfectly colour-coordinated for Autumn/Winter?


AboveSleeping Foxes Cup  £14.99 by Disaster Designs available in store and online at Larks

Swaddled in layers of faux fur and plush from head to toe, it’s nice to feel like a big hairy beast at this time of year, as long as we don’t feel we look like one (though personally I think that’s rather a good look). It’s far from likely you’d get mistaken for a sasquatch in strikingly coloured faux fur… the call of the WILD beckons…


Above: Striped Faux Fur Gilet  £45  available in store and online at Larks                                                                                                                                  

 larks clothing black cardigan with fur trim

Above Left: Leopard Print Sweater with bow detail £32.50 by Banned Apparel

Right: Cardigan with detachable Faux Fur Collar  £34.00 by Banned Apparel

Both available in store and online at Larks