Flaming Flamingos

They're dressed almost head-to-toe in pink feathers, they're rather leggy and they wear make-up. No wonder they hold a certain appeal in the fashion world.     Flamingos currently instore at Larks: (l-r) Umbrella ; Necklaces £10-£14.99; Brooch £6; Cardigan £35 The flamingo, the strikingly pink unipedal wading bird is celebrated for its exotic looks. The name derives from 'flamengo', [...]

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Patching It Up

       Patchy Readymades at Larks: (l-r) Jacket £72; Skirt £38; Jacket £72; Pinafore Dress £38 There's a certain irony in the recent order of fashion trends. Following a return of late to artfully 'worn' tears and holes in denim (more daring than ever - the bigger the better), patches are once again a choice embellishment. But here [...]

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Larks – ‘By Appointment to the Honourable Ms. Allsopp’

One of the most familiar refrains to be heard inside the Larks' emporium is the coo of delight from customers at spotting our very own framed picture of property doyenne, broadcaster, author and all-round crafty sew-and-sew Ms. Kirstie Allsopp posing in front of our distinctive candy striped walls! We aren't ones to sell and tell, but we have [...]

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FATHER’S DAY JUNE 18TH | Peaky Blinders and the Newsboy Cap – Read All About It!

We are now fast approaching Father's Day, coming soon on Sunday, June 18th. For the classic gentleman's accessory, look no further than the iconic 'Peaky Blinders' cap. The 'Peaky Blinders' Handmade Wool Cap in Grey Herringbone (as available at Larks) Thanks to the recent television crime drama 'Peaky Blinders', this classic style of headwear has surged [...]

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