Copper Vessels – Fountains of Youth & Wellness

Introducing Lark's new range of Ayurvedic Copper Water Vessels... Environmentally friendly, durable and considered to reap a whole host of benefits to health and wellbeing, a copper vessel is not only an ideal way to store and drink water but also makes for an object of beauty. In Ayurveda - an ancient system of medicine [...]

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Summertime Sippin’ On Gin & Juice …

It seems from the recent gin boom we've certainly developed more refined tastes than those seen in the gin craze that gripped the Georgian era back in the eighteenth century. Perhaps, thanks to Snoop Doggy Dogg, we now know how to kick back with a gin and juice rather than add a dodgy mixer of [...]

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Eggcellent, Easter’s coming!

 Whether you're going to church or spending the day gorging yourself on ovoid cocoa products, hunting for eggs amongst the privet hedge and cooing over fluffy little bunnies and cute little lambs wearing spring bonnets, Easter is nearly here once again. Of course, it's all about the eggs at this time of year, but how [...]

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Mamma Mia! Mother’s Day – Sunday 11th March

It'll soon be Mother's Day, just a few more days to go... "Mamma mia! Here I go again"... what am I going to get dear mother?  Traditionally unrelated, the origins of Mother's Day in the UK as we know it actually emerged from 'Mothering Sunday', which falls on the fourth Sunday of Lent and had its roots [...]

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Valentine’s Day 14th February – Lovebirds & Larks

Roses are red, violets are blue, we've a few ideas for Valentine's ... but have you? Fear not, lovebirds, Larks will set those hearts a-flutter...   HAIL Bishop Valentine, whose day this is;       All the air is thy diocese,       And all the chirping choristers And other birds are thy parishioners;       Thou marriest every year     [...]

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Liverbirds and Larks

Dip your toes into the 'pool of life' that is Liverpool, douse yourself in Scouse, gambol with superlambananas and take a flight of fancy with the Liverbirds... 'Lern yerself Scouse' with our slogan-tastic range of homewares from Wotmalike or picture 'flowery fields forever' with Jo Gough's floral visions of Liverpool... Merseyside turns 'soft lad' in Tula Moon's patchwork [...]

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Brrring Out The Beast

Brrrrrrrr. It's that time of year when all we'd like to do is hibernate like furry little beasties. Don't stay in that cosy nest of a bed too long though - you've got to get through Xmas yet!  Sleeping a lot is actually what squirrels like to do round about now. They don't actually hibernate, but [...]

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There’s No Place Like Larks… There’s No Place Like Larks… There’s No Place Like Larks…

Because, because, because, because, because!... if you follow the grey tarmac road down Lark Lane,  the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true. If you've ever dreamed of your very own ruby slippers, that is... or even just had a bit of a penchant for rainbows. If only clicking our heels could [...]

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Back to School, Way Back to School

And so the little brats darlings have been packed off back to school once again. Yes, it's been at least a couple of weeks (is that all?)... but if all this has been making you a) reminisce; b) mourn; or c) jealous, why not indulge in nostalgia and those long lost emotions with a little [...]

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