larks-christmas-felt-animal-decoration-hare Whether you’re going to church or spending the day gorging yourself on ovoid cocoa products, hunting for eggs amongst the privet hedge and cooing over fluffy little bunnies and cute little lambs wearing spring bonnets, Easter is nearly here once again.

Of course, it’s all about the eggs at this time of year, but how about celebrating the eggcellency of the eggcup!

If you’re fed up of the cutesy Easter lamb gambolling about in your mind’s eye, may we introduce the Frankenstein’s monster of a hybrid that is the Scouse Superlambanana.

Lovely and yellow … just like egg yolk.


Happy Easter.




Above: Felt Hare £9.00 Below (l-r, top – bottom): Bear and Pink Rabbit Egg  Cups £7.50; Llama Egg Cup £8.75; Faces Egg Cup (both views shown) £7.50 all from the ‘Over The Moon’ Collection by Disaster Designs available online and in store at Larks.

larks-homeware-giftware-disaster-designs-bear-egg-cup larks-homeware-giftware-disaster-designs-rabbit-egg-cup


larks-homeware-giftware-disaster-designs-faces-egg-cup-2 larks-homeware-giftware-disaster-designs-faces-egg-cup

Below (l-r, top – bottom): Easter Lambs, Scouse style…

Superlambanana coaster £3.50; Superlambanana Mug £10 by Tula Moon;  Superlambanana Plush Soft Toy £22; Superlambanana coaster by Mementoes of Home £3.75 all available online and in store at Larks.

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Larks | liverpool range | superlambanana soft toy Larks Liverpool - Super Lambanana Coaster by Jo Gough