Larks – ‘By Appointment to the Honourable Ms. Allsopp’

One of the most familiar refrains to be heard inside the Larks‘ emporium is the coo of delight from customers at spotting our very own framed picture of property doyenne, broadcaster, author and all-round crafty sew-and-sew Ms. Kirstie Allsopp posing in front of our distinctive candy striped walls! We aren’t ones to sell and tell, but we have to admit she is one of our most famous customers to date…

‘Larks – By Appointment to the Honourable Ms. Allsopp’

At the time, Kirstie was actually in the area to film an episode for Channel 4’s property hunt show ‘Location, Location, Location’ in the South Liverpool neighbourhood. It was one of the local buyers featured in the show, a dedicated Larks fan (set on decking her new property out with vintage finds from Larks no less), that tipped the show’s editor off, in turn knowing Kirstie would fall head over heels in love with Larks… and love it she certainly did, absolutely adoring the unique mélange of vintage and contemporary that we have come to be renowned for over the years.

Now, it would be rude to reveal how much a lady spends, but let’s just say after making a dedicated trip to Larks she returned home to her pad armed with a rather magnificent hoard including one of our vintage handmade crocheted blankets and one of our exquisite vintage teasets – obviously a lady of the utmost in taste if her picks from Larks are anything to go by!

They say location is everything in a property. Naturally, we would like to add: ‘Decoration, Decoration, Decoration’…


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