It’ll soon be Mother’s Day, just a few more days to go… “Mamma mia! Here I go again”… what am I going to get dear mother?

 Traditionally unrelated, the origins of Mother’s Day in the UK as we know it actually emerged from ‘Mothering Sunday’, which falls on the fourth Sunday of Lent and had its roots in the church. Still celebrated today alongside the more populist secular holiday, the original historical sense of Mothering Sunday is still observed in its own right by many churches, with its concept of the ‘Mother Church’ and focus upon Mary, mother of Jesus Christ.

It is thought that Mothering Sunday evolved from the Christian practice in the 16th Century of visiting one’s mother church once a year on Laetere Sunday. As a result of this tradition, most mothers and children were reunited on this day when young women in service and young apprentices were released especially by their masters.

Despite being still popular at the start of the 19th Century, with the onset of the Industrial Revolution, Mothering Sunday traditions declined and became less celebrated by 1935. However with World War II, American soldiers were to import the US Mother’s Day celebration to the UK and by the 50s it bloomed into the popular celebration of today with great help from the commercially focused efforts of UK merchants, following the lead of US greetings company Hallmark Cards who had created and mass produced Mother’s Day cards in the early 1920s. And so, with the influence of the American tradition of Mother’s Day, Mothering Sunday became merged with their custom of honouring motherhood and showing appreciation to one’s mother.

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So, for all those formative years when she gave you hanky and spittle washes, dabbed your grazes and kissed you better… for her just simply being there for you – now you can lavish her with the attention and pampering she deserves…

MUM is the word!

Say it with sentiments, say it with trinkets, say it with flowers… as always, Larks has it covered.

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