It seems from the recent gin boom we’ve certainly developed more refined tastes than those seen in the gin craze that gripped the Georgian era back in the eighteenth century. Perhaps, thanks to Snoop Doggy Dogg, we now know how to kick back with a gin and juice rather than add a dodgy mixer of turpentine or sulphuric acid, as desperate gin addicts were wont to quaff back in the days of satirist William Hogarth’s ‘Gin Lane’ (1751). You may not love gin to the extent you’d want to sell your own children (yes this did sometimes happen), but you can always show your appreciation in other enthusiastic ways  – a lovely coaster or keyring can’t threaten to unravel the moral fabric of society, surely…?

larks-homeware-tableware-ladies-gin-glass larks-homeware-tableware-gentlemans-gin-glass

Above (l-r): Ladies’ Gin Glass and Gentleman’s Gin Glass £6.00 each available in store and online at Larks


larks-homeware-gin-queen-mug larks-gifts-liverpool-gift-range-gin-prin-wooden-sign

Above (clockwise): ‘Gin Queen’ Wooden Sign £6.99; Wooden Coaster £4.99 and Wooden Keyring £4.99;

Gin Prin’ Wooden Sign £6.99; ‘Gin Queen’ Mug £7.99;  all by Wotmalike available in store or online at Larks


Above: Something juicy to go with that gin … Orange Dress from the ‘Dancing Days’ Collection by Banned

Apparel £50 available in store or online at Larks

larks-gifts-wooden-sign-lifes-too-short-for-single-gins larks-gifts-lifes-too-short-for-singles-print larks-gifts-liverpool-gift-range-single-gin-coaster larks-liverpool-homeware-giftware-lifes-too-short-for-single-gins-mug

Above (clockwise): ‘Life’s Too Short For Single Gins’* Wooden Sign £6.99; Mounted Print £7.50Mug £4.99

and Coaster £4.99 all by Wotmalike available in store or online atLarks. 

(*Also available as a Tea Towel £8.50 available in store)

larks-gifts-liverpool-gift-range-size-matters-gin-coaster larks-liverpool-gift-range-gin-lark-lane-wooden-sign larks-gifts-wooden-sign-im-in-the-garden-bring-gin

Above (clockwise): ‘Of Course Size Matters Nobody Likes a Small Gin’ Coaster £4.99; ‘Gin Lark Lane’ Wooden

Sign £6.99 and ‘I’m In The Garden Please Bring Gin’ Wooden Sign £6.99 all by Wotmalike available in store

or online at Larks